December 28, 2009

salty sweet.

Chocolate covered pretzels are insanely easy, festive, delicious, and a great gift during the holidays…or any day! The salty-sweet combination is irresistible, and you can throw on whatever toppings you like. The only tricky part is melting the chocolate - I never get it right on the first try and always end up wasting half a cup of chocolate chips, but the second time is always the charm :D


Chocolate Covered Pretzels
(appx. 80 pretzels)

Pretzels (about 4 cups regular-sized, you can try minis or rods too!)
1 bag semisweet chocolate chips (minis work well for melting)
Sprinkles, white chocolate to drizzle, other toppings

Bring about 3 cups of water to a boil in a medium saucepan. Turn stove down to low heat and let simmer.

Rest a large metal mixing bowl on top of the saucepan. Adjust the water level as needed to make sure the bottom of the bowl does not touch the water. Check on the water periodically and add more as needed to make sure the water doesn’t evaporate completely and leave your pot to scorch (like happened to us…)!

Add half a cup of chocolate chips to the bowl. When they start to melt, stir lightly every 30 seconds until smooth. Gradually add more chips, half a cup at a time, stirring lightly to melt. Be careful not to mix too much or let the bowl get to hot - the chocolate can easily become very tough and lose its gloss. (But if it starts to happen, don’t worry, just throw it out, wash your bowl, and try again!). Patience is key - resist the urge to stir every 2 seconds!

Once chocolate is completely melted and smooth, it’s time to dip your pretzels! Drop a handful of pretzels into the bowl. Using a fork, dip each pretzel in the chocolate until completely covered. Rest on the tines of the fork and shake gently to remove excess.

Gently place on tray lined with wax paper or aluminum foil. Add toppings before chocolate hardens. Refrigerate until chocolate completely cools and hardens (1 hour or more).

Peel pretzels off of wax paper or foil. Break off excess chocolate.


**12/29/09 Update: Made it onto Foodgawker and Tastespotting today yay!

**12/31/09 Update: and Photograzing too :D

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